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Propane Tank Maintenance – What You Need to Know

Proper Propane Tank Maintenance will ensure its safety and usability for years to come. When you purchase a propane tank, it is your responsibility to keep it well maintained and in proper working order. If you have questions or would like help with keeping your propane tank maintained, give our office a call and we’ll […]


The Benefits of Owning Your Propane Tank

Propane is used as an energy source in almost 6 million US homes today. Many energy companies offer homeowners the option to buy or lease a propane tank for their heating needs, but what’s the difference? Gerner Energy is a big proponent of Buying Your Own Propane Tank vs. Leasing a Propane Tank. We like to consider […]


Underground Propane Tanks

Underground tanks are safe, easy to maintain, and affordable to install When researching the type of tank to purchase and install on your property, your main choices are between an above-ground or underground propane tank. Underground tanks offer the homeowner a safe, nearly maintenance-free tank that is unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. Because Propane is released […]