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You want the best value for your dollar – who wouldn’t? While we know there are many discount fuel options for Baltimore and Southern York County, PA home and business owners to choose from, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Gerner Energy. Affordable heating oil is available to Gerner Energy customers that want to order oil as needed here. We offer the same premium heating oil that other companies do, but for a fraction of the cost.


Discount Fuel Oil

Discount Fuel Oil

Gerner Energy customers can order discount heating oil on a will-call basis. We purchase our premium fuel oil at wholesale prices. This lower overhead cost allows us to lessen the price you pay and provide truly discounted fuel oil. Compare our prices against the area’s current average price per gallon. If you have already ordered discount oil from Gerner Energy, log in below to place your next order.



If you’re looking for added convenience, Gerner Energy also offers automatic heating oil delivery. When you sign up, we’ll monitor your fuel tank for you and schedule deliveries when you need them. It’s that easy!