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When looking for a supplier for Propane, Heating Oil, or HVAC services, it’s important to not only consider price, but also customer service. However, we understand that price is a major factor when families and businesses are evaluating suppliers.

That’s why Gerner Energy is committed to providing 5-star service with highly competitive pricing. Our locally owned and operated company does everything we can to keep our prices low without tacking on additional fees and hidden charges.

Read our reviews to see what your friends and neighbors think of our pricing and service, and give our office a call at 410-472-2022 to see just how responsive we are.

Gerner EnergyOther ProvidersYour Provider
1Heating Oil Price/Gallon$3.99$4.57
EIA Avg.)
2Gallons Used800800
3Total Oil Price$3,192$3,656
4Average # of Deliveries44
5Delivery Fees$0$20 per delivery
6Cap Fees (At $0.25 per gallon)$0$200
7Total Fees
(4x5 + 6)
Total Cost$3,192$3,936

Our average heating oil price from October-March was $3.99, while the EIA average was $4.57. If you paid the average, that is a savings of over $0.58 per gallon. Our typical heating oil customer saved $464 (800 gallons x $0.58) in addition to any extra fees.

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