Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery is a fan favorite because it allows people to free up time in their busy schedules. While every home is different, many families order oil every month or two in order to keep their homes warm, safe, and comfortable. Over time, these deliveries add up and take up valuable space on your to-do list. When you sign up for automatic delivery with Gerner Energy, you can leave your fuel deliveries to the experts!


Automatic Oil Delivery

How It Works

We will monitor your fuel usage and daily weather to anticipate when you’re due for delivery. Once your tank reaches about ¼ full, we will dispatch one of our delivery drivers to complete your fill up. We will also take into consideration important factors, like heating preference and household size, to create your custom delivery schedule.

Benefits of Automatic Delivery

The Benefits

  • Save money by avoiding emergency delivery fees
  • Skip the stress of remembering to place orders
  • Enjoy our lowest pricing on EVERY delivery
  • Never worry about running out of oil
  • Enjoy total convenience!

Have questions? Contact us online or give us a call at (410) 472-2022 to learn more about automatic heating oil delivery.