Propane Safety

Propane Safety

Here at Gerner Energy, our top priority is keeping our customers safe. For this reason, we take great care when transporting and delivering propane to homes and businesses. Propane gas is a safe, efficient, and clean fuel choice. However, it is important that you are familiar with several basic safety measures for your protection.

The following information can help prevent a propane safety hazard and offers precautionary directions for how to handle a propane-related emergency.

Propane Delivery in Baltimore County, MD

Tips to Prevent a Propane Safety Issue

Keep Up with Maintenance

Have maintenance performed on your propane appliances once a year to make sure they are running properly.

Educate Your Household

Propane safety measures should be understood by everyone residing at the property. Having a set plan for emergency evacuation is critical.

Order Regularly

Letting your propane tank run down to empty can seriously damage your equipment and put your safety at risk! Make sure to order propane when your tank gauge reads ¼ full or more. Call Gerner Energy to order propane at (410) 472-2022.

Propane Safety Tips

Check out these propane safety materials for families to make yours.

How to Handle a Gas Leak?

If you smell propane in your home…

  1. Immediately put out any smoking materials or open flames.
  2. Do not touch or turn any light switches or appliances, as this can cause a spark. This includes cellphones!
  3. Inform other inhabitants and evacuate the building immediately.
  4. If it is safe to do so, turn off your main gas supply. To close, turn the valve to the right (clockwise).
  5. Away from the building, report the leak by calling 911 or contacting Gerner Energy directly.
  6. Do not return to the property until a Gerner Energy certified employee, emergency responder, or service technician says it is okay.