Budget Billing

Avoid High Heating Oil Bills in the Cold Winter Months with Budget Billing

The 2024-2025 Budget Billing Enrollment Period is Open

With budget billing and automatic delivery from Gerner Energy, our customers avoid high heating oil bills in the cold winter months while also never having to worry about running out of oil. 

We calculate your budget payment by using your past usage and the estimated cost per gallon for the upcoming season.

We then even out your payments over the course of 12 months (including Service Plans if you want to include them) so you have one easy payment to make each month. 

It takes just minutes to enroll and there are no upfront costs or monthly management fees like some of our competition has.

Heating Oil Delivery | Gerner Energy

Every Budget Plan Includes:

Each Plan is Tailored to Our Customer's Needs

Your monthly payment is based upon your typical usage – call us to find out your individual monthly payment.


Even payments throughout the year regardless of time of deliveries.

Worry Free

Don't worry about running out of fuel, we have you covered.

No Surprises

There are no enrollment or monthly management fees - you just pay the competitive price for the oil you use.

Heating Oil Price Comparison

A comparison of heating oil prices for the 2023-2024 season.

Gerner EnergyOther ProvidersYour Provider
1Heating Oil Price/Gallon$3.73$4.20
(EIA Avg for MD.)
2Gallons Used800800
3Total Oil Price$2,984$3,356
4Average # of Deliveries44
5Delivery Fees$0$20 per delivery
6Cap Fees (At $0.25 per gallon)$0$200
7Total Fees
(4x5 + 6)
Total Cost$2,984$3,636
Average Heating Oil Prices in Maryland for 2023-2024 for Gerner Energy

Our average heating oil price from December-March was $3.73, while the EIA average for Maryland was $4.20. If you paid the average, that is a savings of $0.47 per gallon. Our typical heating oil customer saved over $370 (800 gallons x $0.47) in addition to any extra fees.