Group Discounts

One benefit of being a Gerner Energy customer is that we offer many customer perks, including group discounts. Leverage your buying power on heating oil in your community with our exclusive Neighbors, Friends, and Family Volume Discount Program.

Reach out to everyone in your area: neighbors, local friends and family, and everyone else that uses heating oil. Tell them about this great savings opportunity, which is easy for them to join. Simply submit your group with Gerner Energy to get started!

Group heating oil discount

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Contact us with your buying group’s contact information.

2. We will contact each member and set up their accounts on their choice of Will Call or Automatic Delivery. Payment options include Terms, ACH, EFT, Credit Cards, and COD.

3. You get a Group ID Number for everyone in the buying group. The price per gallon will be based on the gallons delivered to your group on your chosen delivery day. See below for discounted rates.


The more gallons your group buys, the more money you save:

Gallons Delivered 150-250 251-400 401-450 451-999 1000-1999 2000+
Savings for the Entire Group Regular Discounted Price Additional 5¢ off per gallon Additional 10¢ off per gallon Additional 15¢ off per gallon Additional 20¢ off per gallon Additional 25¢ off per gallon