Tank Sales & Installation

Trust the experts at Gerner Energy for your tank installation and propane delivery. Fast, reliable, safe and competitively priced all the time.

Gerner Energy carries an assorted inventory of propane tanks for sale and installation.

Owning your propane tank has many advantages including having the ability to choose your propane supplier and pay competitive prices. When renting/leasing your tank, you are typically locked into a long term contract with expensive rental charges and you are susceptible to paying higher propane rates. The return on investment for buying your tank is pretty quick and we can help you figure it out.  

Residential Propane Uses

Tank Sizes and Placement

Common tank sizes range from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons. We only install above and below ground ASME tanks. See our FAQs for more information on ASME versus DOT Tanks.

Above Ground ASME Tanks- Aboveground tanks are built to last thru harsh winters, hot summers and extreme natural elements.

Underground Propane Tanks- Made to be discrete, environmentally friendly while hidden out of sight. These tanks are painted with a special mastic coating that prevents corrosion and lasts for many years.

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