Underground tanks increase curb appeal because only the tank dome and lid are visible above the ground. The dome is where the regulator, gauge, tank monitor and filling valve are located. Only a small amount of excavation is needed to bury a propane tank.   We offer underground tanks from 120  to 1000 gallons. All tanks are new ASME tanks.

Gerner Energy installs underground tanks in just a few steps

  • We will come out and review your propane needs and do a site survey letting you know where a tank can be buried following all government code and regulations.
  • Once we settle on the perfect placement. Gerner Energy will obtain all the required permits for installation, including notifying Ms Utility, so that they can mark out where utility, phone and cable lines are.
  • We will dig the hole for the tank and dig a trench to bury your propane gas lines.
  • We follow all local, state and federal codes, and we will properly install and protect your propane tank and propane gas lines.
  • After the tank is installed, we will perform a few safety checks on your propane system to ensure everything is working correctly and safely.
  • Underground installations typically take 1 day or less but the entire process starting with the site survey, permitting process and installation is typically 2-3 weeks.

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What is Cathodic Protection?

  • Cathodic protection prevents corrosion by applying DC current from an external source, forcing the tank to become cathode. Sacrificial systems are used when the amount of current required for the protection is small, such as in underground propane tanks.
  • Once a proper cathodic protection system is in place it must be tested regularly: 1 year after initial installation and then every 3 years. Testing procedures can vary but the most popular form of testing is by measuring the electrical current in the ground surrounding the tank with a voltmeter.

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