Heating Oil Delivery

With over 30 years of experience delivering premium heating oil to the Greater Baltimore area and Southern York County, PA, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands when you choose Gerner Energy for your heating oil needs. Our team of reliable delivery drivers are ready to deliver your fuel safely and on schedule. We are pleased to offer several delivery options to suit each customer’s budget and preference.

Delivery Options

Order Oil Online

Order Online

Want to manage your own fuel orders? Take advantage of will-call discount oil delivery by ordering oil here. This allows you the freedom to choose when you want an oil refill and when you don’t. Just don’t forget to place your fuel orders! Running out of heating oil can cause significant damage and unnecessary risk to your home.


Why Heat with Oil?

Heating oil has been one of the top energy choices for homeowners and business owners for decades. It is important to understand this fuel’s many benefits, whether you are a long-time oil customer or considering making the switch. Oil heat is…

  • Safe. Heating oil is non-explosive and will exhibit obvious signs of potential issues.
  • Cost-Effective. Thanks to higher efficiency technology, heating oil customers can save up to 30% on fuel costs annually. Also, a simple tune-up can further reduce heating expenses by up to 10%.
  • Clean. Heating oil now burns cleaner than ever, producing fewer emissions.
  • Domestically Produced. Most heating oil used in the United States is produced at home, which helps to support the national economy.

Want to learn more about ordering oil from Gerner Energy? Fill out the form below or call (410) 472-2022 for more information.

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