Bowley’s Quarters Improvement Association Accepts Gerner Energy as New Member

[December 21, 2022 — Middle River, MD] Gerner Energy joined the Bowley’s Quarters Improvement Association (BQIA) as a member this past week. Incorporated in 1938, the organization was formed to preserve the community’s natural charm amidst rapid increases in population and development projects. 

As a fuel and energy company local to the area, Gerner looks forward to working with the BQIA to ensure that residents’ propane, heating oil, and HVAC needs are met in ways that maintain the area’s natural quality. 

“We’ve always valued our customers as individuals instead of numbers,” said owner Kip Gerner. “So being part of an organization that allows the community to voice their concerns about the environment as it relates to what we do is invaluable, and will help us to improve the business even further.”

Volunteers of the Bowley’s Quarters Improvement Association work together to address issues including water & sewage, population growth, zoning, development, watershed protection, Martin State Airport noise and traffic, road and drainage maintenance, public services, air and water quality, and any issues that may impact the integrity of the area.

About Gerner Energy
Gerner Energy understands that heating and cooling problems and emergencies are unpredictable. When you become a customer, we make sure to keep your family and home safe, no matter what. We love to help you with everything including fuel deliveryheatingair conditioning, service, tank installations, and more!