Gerner Energy Announces Partnership with DuroMax Power Equipment

DuroMax XP10000HX

[June 6, 2023 — Monkton, MD] Gerner Energy has announced that they are now an official dealer and installer of DuroMax Power Equipment. Their customers can now take greater advantage of existing propane tanks by adding the ability to hook up a portable generator to their home in the event of a power outage.

DuroMax portable generators are powered by propane (among other sources), which make them an affordable option for homeowners with existing propane tanks or those looking to install one.

However, customers aren’t required to have a propane tank in order to purchase and install a DuroMax home generator via Gerner Energy — the Baltimore county-based, locally-owned business is offering free site surveys and installation services for gasoline and natural gas-powered generators, too.

Additionally, while most widely available portable generators are only designed to power refrigerators and other select circuits on a home’s electric panel, DuroMax generators have the capacity to power nearly everything in the average home.

"Our top priority has always been to ensure our customers' comfort and safety within their own homes. We're excited to partner with DuroMax to provide a layer of backup on top of our current services."

As the U.S. electrical grid becomes increasingly vulnerable due to age, cyber attacks, and other physical incidents, home generators can protect against future power outages. 

Plus, due to their greater energy capacity and portability, DuroMax generators are a great option as a power source for RVs, job sites, and camping trips.

Gerner Energy is currently providing free site surveys to existing and new customers that are looking to avoid any disruptions in their life due to power outages.

Learn more about DuroMax generator offers through Gerner Energy here, or give them a call at 410-472-2022 to schedule your free site survey.