Budget Plans

Heating oil customers that sign up for automatic delivery with Gerner Energy can enroll in a pricing plan to make managing fuel costs as simple as can be. We offer several pricing options to help meet the unique budget goals of each and every customer. Whether you’re looking to make one predictable monthly payment or set a cap on the price per gallon you pay, there’s a plan with Gerner Energy for you!


Heating Oil Budget Plans

Budget Plan

Skip the stress of surprise fuel bills by signing up for our Budget Plan. Budget Plan customers make the same low payment each month. This helps make budgeting for other household expenses much easier.

How It Works

  • We estimate the gallons you need based on previous history.
  • Then, the estimated fuel cost is divided into 12 equal monthly payments.
  • You pay the same amount every month.
  • Must be enrolled in automatic delivery to qualify.


Heating Oil Pricing Programs

Price Protection

We can’t predict how the oil market will fluctuate, but we can help you protect your wallet from ever-changing fuel prices!

  • We set an agreed upon “capped” price for the heating season.
  • If the market rises above this rate, you only pay as much as the “capped” price.
  • If the market drops below this rate, you pay the lower price.
  • Must be enrolled in automatic delivery to qualify.


Have questions? Call (410) 472-2022 to learn more and find out which pricing plan is best for you!